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WE Make Dreams,

Loveology The Study of a Cosmic Love story! One of Rising up from Dafeet, of a failing Love.

Our courses are ones of Discovery. Discovery of One's Personal Truth.

Life is a Stage, we are either Acting &/OR Directing the fun!?

We choose, where we Direct the Cosmic Oneness Energies, where & whenever they are needed, Now!

In addition, should you feel Inspired; An offer to Join our Team, of Angle Resource'ers!?

Finding "The One's" who wish to share Abundances, is the FunFest part of our Lives!

Now Let's play Our Serendipity Game. Like Swagic.  The Recourses Appear, Swagically!~!

Happy accidents a plenty.  

With Solid Shoestring Budget structures. We are Being the Living Example;

Trade within the Action Dreamers Abundance, receive Similar Abundance.

Love & Hope is the Key component of Dreams. Yep, all We need is Love!

Join us, Making Dreams come true and Poof, there's our Proof of Concept!

Grand Reopening April Fool's day.

Tis a Twisted Perspective on Life; If it Looks too good… Enjoy the experience, for as long as it is True for you.  Foolish?  Time will tell.

Since our Motto is "Seriously, amusing Ways of Enjoying a Cosmic Life"

April Fools! We are Seriously Punnin around Here!  If we got Ya, let us know. Foolish?

Learn how Sharing Cosmic Love, provides a Cornucopia of Abundance in ones Life.

Host a Loveology Parrty of your Own, at home, office,  or Charity FUNdRAISER.   


Loveology Parties: Agenda.  Preview.  Follow the Above link for more

15 Minutes to Share-A-Vision, one being freely received, in the Hearts and Minds, of those present in this Moment of Discovery. It took Me 50+ Years to Receive this message.  If this message of Love makes a difference in One Life, makes it all worth it.  

Welcome to our Loveology introduction

Brought to you by

The Loveology Share-A-Vision Network!

Not to be confused with 'Tell a Vision Programing', Currently found in society.

We choose to Share our visions "Within" our network.  Beings, seeking a Loving Soul-Lution!

How one Programs their Minds and Hearts, utilizing our Shared Visions, is up to "The One" experiencing said Visions. Our Inner Circle, Private Facebook page is a Safe place to share One's Visions!

Everyone on our team Including ME, is Just as Perfectly imperfect as You!

So Yes, we screw it up too, just as well as the next Being, being challenged by Life Lessons



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